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We've been pretty quiet here at the Adult Fantasy Records HQ thus far in 2018, but fear not dear listener, we have been busy getting "The Best Kept Secrets In The Universe" ready to be delivered to your home stereo system.

First up is the brand new C/AVERAGE LP. C/AVERAGE "III" is nearly 18 years in the making and it's a BEAST. The official release date is the 29th of September but we're willing to let you nab it from us first! Digital will be forthcoming from your normal streaming services but you want the record, right?! So scoot yer boot to the Adult Fantasy webstore.

Couple weeks ago we did a little clandestine release of a new Olympia band called RESTLESS. It's their first release but it sure don't sound like it. Lots of "including members of" possibilities but let's avoid all that and just give it a spin (2 tiny spinning wheels still count right? (it's a cassette)).

Last but not least we have an exciting upcoming release to yap about, QUAYDE LAHÜE's first VHS video EP! All new tunes captured on video by YDHWM contributor Freddy AKA TVMTN and recorded by Jonny Wulf at Gemini Unity Studios. We'll have a youtube teaser clip up closer to the release date (Oct/Nov) but for now, ya gotta wait! (or watch the two previous video EP's Freddy has done with Quayde, both viewable in full on the Adult Fantasy youtube channel:

Check out our new web shop where ya can buy stuff and buy more stuff to help us make more stuff for you to buy! Till next season,